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Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt

Senior Partner

Head of Institute of Management
Karlsruhe University / KIT


Henning Behr

Dr. Henning Behr

Managing Director


Curriculum Vitae

Studies in Business and Mathematics

Professional consulting since 1992
(5 years with McKinsey & Company, Inc.)

Professor for Strategic Management since 2001

Advisor to leading German and European companies (incl. DAX 30) and the German Federal Government and Armed Forces

Experience in working with senior management client team members

Leading expert for strategy in oligopolies, competitive intelligence, pricing, and strategy simulation

Operating experience and expert knowledge in strategic wargaming

Curriculum Vitae

Studies Business and Engineering

Expert and project manager strategic wargaming and strategy simulation since 2012

Managing Director at Center of Strategic Business Wargaming since 2012

Consulting projects for leading German and European companies

Consulting experience in the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Food, Telecommunications and Automotive industry

Experience on projects of various sizes dealing with a wide spectrum of strategic issues


Straint GmbH
Altrottstr. 31
69190 Walldorf

Academic Partner

Universität Karlsruhe Karlsruher Institut Technologie KIT

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